what is hape?
Benefits of Hape’
Step into the healing realm of indigenous medicines and unearth the secrets of Hapé, a sacred medicine revered by tribes of the Amazon for centuries. Hapé, also known as rapé, is a ceremonial snuff made from a blend of medicinal plants, tobacco, and ashes. Administered through a Tepi (blow pipe to serve others from) or Kuripe (self applicator ), Hape initiates a journey of profound spiritual exploration and holistic healing.
Relieve Anxiety, Stress, and Depression
Aid in Meditation and Quiets the Mind
Calm the Nervous System
Increase Physical, Energetic, and Emotional Vitality
Clear Mental Confusion and Negative Thoughts
Clarity and Connection with the Self
what our tribe says
Transformative Experience from our Customers
Preserving the tribu spirit Heritage
Sacred Amazonian Traditions, Ethical Origins.
Our Beyond Fair Trade practices ensure that indigenous communities receive above normal compensation. This encourages them to be self sustainable, empowered, and keep their ancient traditions and wisdom alive.
Our products are ethically sourced directly from our relationships with the Amazonian Tribes. We know each person who hand makes your medicine in prayer. Many other companies are buying and selling machine made hape'. We believe in preserving ancient traditions.
Earth Friendly & Alchemy
We take our commitment to providing you the highest frequency medicine possible seriously. Our medicines are charged with scalar frequencies, and each medicine pot has a Shri Yantra Symbol on the bottom ensuring your medicine is charged, blessed and protected.
Sustainability & Transparency
We uphold accountability by providing real-time updates on our environmental and social impact, ensuring transparency in our commitment to positive change. You will also find on each product page donations to our sustainability projects.
Hape' Bundles & Kits
Master Plant tinctures
11 Incredible Master Plant Tinctures here to help you deepen your path with the plants and unlock a deeper connection to your self.

Heal physical, energetic and spiritual imbalances and activate your potential with plant power!

Get paired up with your perfect Master Plant Tincture in under 45 seconds.
Tribu Spirit Founder Story Est. in 2013
A Path of Discovery, Healing, and Cultural Preservation
As a visionary, in 2013 I recognized the the bridge that I could be to empower the indigenous and bring the healing benefits of hape’ to those that needed it.

Paving the pathway of an entirely new niche. Introducing these sacred medicines that were unknown at the time but have since gained widespread popularity.

Through my pioneering efforts, holding a very sacred prayer in my heart, and backed by the spirits of the medicines. I paved the way for a thriving market that continues to evolve and expand.

Empowering the indigenous and to bringing healing to the people who need these medicines.

Our Impact



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equivalent to our pledged ocean-bound plastic cleanup

TRIBU is a 508c(1)(a) an Unincorporated Church and Private Ministry Association here to serve and uplift humanity through Education, Healing, Fellowship and Unity by communing with Nature.
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