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Quantum Scalar Device

Quantum Scalar Device

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What are Scalar Waves?

Scalar waves are a natural phenomenon described in geology, hydrodynamics, and astrophysics. They are naturally occurring in nature, like in food, and DNA, and are non-Hertzian, Tesla Waves (more info click here ), and non-linear waves.

Scalar waves can carry out lossless transmissions of energy without decaying over distance or time, unlike sound or light waves that do decay over distance and time. They are impenetrable and carry information that can be used for healing purposes. 

They are often associated with concepts like zero-point energy (more info here ) or subtle energy. These waves are all around us in the etheric energy field.

Scalar-wave technology can empower us to create a transcendental quantum healing experience by bathing in highly dense, superconductive, coherent energy fields while being infused with restorative healing information from the scalar devise by way of frequency transmissions.

These non-linear scalar waves disseminate throughout the body through crystalline lattices of elaborate collagen networks. Assisting in elevating the energy levels of each hydrogen atom within the body's covalent bonds. Hydrogen bonds are crucial to our body’s ecosystem as they hold our DNA together. 

Restoring the genetic perfection inherent in our original blueprint is a natural process of self-regeneration found at the subatomic level manifesting into cellular functions.

Scalar Benefits :

  • Hydrogen bonds of DNA are strengthened by increasing the energy that holds them together, preventing damage and stimulating regenerative processes.
  • Optimizes cellular energy levels to 70 - 90 millivolt .
  • Improves Immune System Function 149% in proven lab studies.
  • Cells energized, body is encouraged to function at increasingly high levels.
  • Improves cell wall permeability maximizing nutrition uptake and cellular detoxification.
  • Allows nutrients to be absorbed, toxins and waste move out at optimal levels of efficiency.
  • Anti-aging due to unbounded relative time and space biological functioning.
  • Eliminates effects of negative man-made frequencies in the body 5g, emf’s etc.
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Blood: rejuvenated, pressure regulated, increased oxygen, flow and circulation increased.
  • Balances both sides of the brain for super learning, directly affecting neurotransmitters.
  • Increases amplitude of EEG frequencies for improved mental focus.
  • Inhibits uptake of noradrenaline acting as a natural antidepressant.
  • Catalyzes heightened states of awareness and creativity.
  • Entrains the physiology to gain self-referral regenerative healing functions.
  • Increases creative intelligence and coherence physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Effects are cumulative
  • The potential is unlimited due to the innate nature of this technology.

The Scalar Device can be used in a multitude of ways including :

  • Remote Quantum Scalar Healing sessions for people by using a special printout we can email you upon request.
  • Personal healing, and biohacking
  • Intentions, Prayers, amplified
  • Charge water, food, jewelry, supplements, sacred geometry plates, the potential is limitless.
  • Increases Manifestations

( I and others have personally manifested infinite times many powerful prayers with this device, this alone can pay for your device over and over again )

Frequencies & Presets

All of life is made up of light, sound & vibration = frequency. We are music. There is literally a frequency for everything. This is where the potential is limitless.

*It is recommended that you purchase the book The Frequencies of Rifing” by Prof Marcello Allegretti on Amazon. To create and play with your own presets for your desired outcomes.

Quantum Scalar Device Includes:

  • Scalar Unit: The core component, generates and transmits scalar frequencies.
  • Frequency Generator: Connects to the Scalar unit to control and select specific frequencies.
  • Pre-programmed frequency presets from a range of areas of health & wellness to meditation and manifestation & abundance.
  • 24k Gold Plated Tesseract Plate: Additional scalar amplifier plate with 12 - points included, featuring intricate geometric patterns to enhance energy flow and increase the power of your device.
  • 31’’ Multifaceted Windowed Crystal Ball to amplify your frequencies
  • Amplifier
  • All plugs & cables
  • Copper Plate
  • Directions for setting up

No refunds once purchased. By purchasing you acknowledge that we are not responsible as to how you use it or the outcomes.



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