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100% Organic, Sun dried, Loose Leaf, From Peru

20gr bag

Used for: Cleansing, grounding, praying, clarity, strength and protection

Mapacho is also known as Nicotiana Rustica. This powerful master plant is the original medicine of South America, and some even consider it being up to 6 million years old.

The ritual traditions surrounding mapacho are far more ancient than ayahuasca. Some say it was the spirit of tobacco that taught humans how to use ayahuasca. Nonetheless, It has been a part of sacred shamanic rituals for centuries.

Mapacho is a master plant teacher who is able to heal on all levels. Physical, energetic and spiritual. It is therefore treated with the utmost respect.

Mapacho is considered the master plant of Amazon, the strongest of all the teacher plants. It is connected to all four elements; earth, air, water and fire. Thus it can be combined with other plants to strengthen and activate their effects. Tobacco is a messenger spirit, connecting plants to humans, and humans to spirits. 

Across the world, indigenous people honor the way tobacco brings clarity, strength, and protection.

It helps to ground your energy, clean your physical and energetic bodies from blockages and traumatic imprints. It calms and strengthens, cultivating a sense of clarity, decisiveness, and resilience. It is used in many forms in order to heal, learn, and to protect.


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