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Hand made by the Kaxinawa Huni Kuin tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.

This very rare and unique Sananga Hape’ that was made especially for Tribu Spirit and can not be found anywhere else.

Its qualities are very unique and special; very clearing, energizing, light, uplifting, warming and crystallign.

The energy of this very special Sananga Hape’ comes in as a Golden Kundalini Serpent. Immediately entering into the third eye and crown chakras with a blast of warming heat and light, as it leaves these energy centers of the sinus area, third eye, and crown. A cool, light, clearing crystalline energy permeates as it travels in a swirling spiral down to the heart, solar plexus and the root of the spine, locking in at the base chakra giving you a complete alignment.

The Golden Serpent Kundalini energy of this powerful Sananga Hape’ removes and melts blockages away seamlessly leaving you with an uplifting crystalline energy from the crown to the base harnessing the energy of the Golden Kundalini Serpent within and helps to channel that energy from inward, out into the universe.

**This Hape’ is excellent to use with hands-on healing for your self and others as it really activates the healing heat within the hand chakras. 

Strength: Strong

Strength: Medium
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Relieves anxiety, stress and depression.

Calms the nervous system, clears mental confusion and negative thoughts.

Helps with meditation and quiets the mind.

Clears the energy field.

Increases physical, energetic and emotional vitality.

Brings in greater clarity and connection with the self.
Please use this medicine in a sacred manner.

Prepare a sacred ceremonial space. You may need Agua Florida, a journal (see our shop) spit cup, toilet tissue and drinking water close by.

Use a pea sized amount for each nostril. Dosages can be increased over time.

Place the pipe over your heart and set an intention and prayer. Thank the Tribes. Apply the medicine in each nostril. Close your eyes after application, breath slowly and calmly then sit and receive the healing benefits of this beautiful medicine throughout your whole being. Journal any insights. Give gratitude.

For more in-depth explanation on how to use please purchase our Beginners Guide to Hape’ that covers everything you need to know.
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