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Agua De Florida - Calma

Agua De Florida - Calma

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This beautiful Agua De Florida Calma is calming, floral, cleansing, nurturing and protecting.

It has been an honor to make this Agua de Florida in house at Tribu Spirit. Working with the spirits, angels, ascended masters, flowers and plants, infusing alchemy and love into each bottle. A powerful invocation has been used on each bottle to bless, cleanse, protect and banish all harmful negative energies. To attract positive helper spirits, to raise your vibration and to give you a sense of peace, grounding, calming and clarity. 

Agua De Florida, translated is Florida Water. The name refers to the "Fountain of Youth", said to have been located in Florida. It is a cologne widely used by shaman all over South America for purification, cleansing, healing and protection. Florida Water is a toilette water that blends an array of floral essential oils in a water - alcohol base.

It has become popular worldwide, not only because of its delightful fragrance but also because of its many uses attributed to it. It has cleansing and protective properties to attract healing spirits.

Shamans often place perfumes and colognes on the bodies of patients, as crosses on their forehead, chest and back, while whistling a special song or Icaro of protection to seal, close, and protect the body. Florida Water is used by Shamans all over the world in their healing ceremonies.

Strength: Medium
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Agua de Florda has assumed a central role in shamanism of the Peruvian Amazon for its magical purposes including:

As an offering of a gift to call the spirits.

Cleansing and purification of negative influences in people, spaces and places.

Applied during healing ceremonies, rituals and baths.

The fragrance of the water is inhaled deeply to induce grounding, connection and healing.

Used in spells to remove unwanted thought forms and heavy vibrations.

To encourage the display of emotions, to suppress those who talk too much and to calm places where an excess of energy is present.

Used like holy water for cleansing, good luck and protection.

Good to calm colicky babies
External use only, Shake Well before use, Avoid contact with eyes. 

Spray in energy field, on chakras, and in spaces to clear energy.
Distilled Water, Blessed and Charged with Crystals and Moon Light, Alcohol, Mother Vine, Mapacho, Rose Water, Amber, Sandalwood Powder, White Leaf Sage, Cinnamon Bark and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Essences of: Blue Lotus, Lavender, May Chang, Jasmine, Rose, Geranium, Niroli, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Palo Santo, Rose Otto, Clove, Lemon Balm, Juniper, and Cedar Wood.
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