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This Beautiful Dreamer Hape’ is made with Wilma seeds from the Andes and sacred Andean ashes. In Quechua, this seed means “Sacred”. 

This seed is a grandmother spirit, gentle and loving spirit. To make this Hape' is a very labor-intensive process with the seeds. 

Please note that this Hape’ is a mild blend, however in larger quantities may be visionary. Please use this medicine in a sacred way. 

Its energies and qualities are very clearing, opening, grounding and centering in the mind. This Hape' works primarily in the Third eye Chakra and Crown Chakras . Giving mild colours. The energy of this medicine is very feminine and gentle. Working on your capacity of vision on all levels,  your abilities to "see" in all dimension in new perspectives. Etherical and Physical. Opening up your capacity to be the Beautiful Dreamer that you are. This medicine is very relaxing and meditative working on the third eye and crown chakras and then moving into the body creating a relaxing wave, centering and grounding you in a deep meditative state, ready to receive the messages from this beautiful medicine. 

This is an excellent Hape' to use before bed, setting your intention into the dream realm, and in ceremonial use. 

Strength: Strong

Ingredients: Mapacho, wilma seeds, muliterio ashes

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