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This Kaxinawa Cobra Coral Hape’ is handmade by the Kaxinawa tribe in the region of Acre’ in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. It contains the sacred ashes of the Cumaru tree.

The energy comes piercing in and strong with the serpent into the center of the heart. Then traveling up through the throat, third eye, crown, and higher chakras creating an opening directly to the higher self with a blossoming from the heart center with the frequency of the coral ray of light from the heart center that expands from the physical to the energetic and etheric bodies. The coral serpent working and opening the toroidal energy field circling in a figure 8 infinity dance of the coral serpent infusing you with love, clearing the back of the heart and the spine.

Its energies are piercing, strong, light, expansive, clearing, uplifting, and opening with love and grace. 

Coral Ray of Light: 11th Ray- Pink Orange Coral

Governed by Lady Quan Yin and overseen by the Divine Director of the Rays. Associates with soul discovery and integration, as are all the higher rays of light, this ray completes the soul merge process. It promotes an understanding that everything in the universe is a manifestation of love. It is a place where the teachings of all previous rays are integrated to aid an understanding and acceptance of mastery that is complete, allowing the soul to fully embody the higher ray of the Creator's universe including the twelfth ray of light.

Bridging of the Golden Age and helps one to be in touch with Divine, Love, and Wisdom.

Strength: Medium

Ingredients: Mapacho, cumaru ashes

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