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Energy Transfer Reset - ETR

Energy Transfer Reset - ETR

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This is a 1.5 hr very deep Ceremonial Energy Work. Pre-recorded on December 21 2020 Winter Solstice

*Please make sure you have a quiet comfortable space to lie down and receive and headphones with no disruptions.

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Energy Transfer Reset or ETR is a channeled healing modality from the Arcturians that restores the soul back to its purest state that existed immediately after it was created by Source. Its purpose is to help all beings raise their frequency to the 5th dimension.

It is a powerful tool to remove all low frequencies, blockages, beliefs and karma from all who experience it. The ETR allows the body to heal on quantum levels from all types of illness, disease, abuse, trauma, low vibrational energy and negativity. 

The reset must be facilitated by a person who has been certified to give the ETR and must also be a star seed in a higher dimensional frequency. A star seed is needed to facilitate the reset in conjunction with a team of light beings that are skilled at healing and energy manipulation.

Shaundra is a multidimensional healer and a galactic being who has experienced incarnations as all galactic races. She received her ETR training in 2017. She has upgraded the method as her star family and guides have directed her for the work of ascension necessary for what humanity needs at this time of great awakening.


Sound Ceremony

Remove Soul Contract from going through painful life experiences

Reverse the Aging Process ( please choose the age you wish to go back to ) 

Shaundra & Sprit Team Remove all energies below 5d including entities and tears in the auric field

Transfer Begins

Light Language - Raising your vibration back to Source

Cloud Clearing Process

Implant Removal

Crystalline Capsule of Protection


Closing Sacred Space


It is an honor to serve my beloved tribe in this great time that is upon us of the Ascension Process as we walk each other home into the Age of Aquarius.

In love and service

Ishtar’Nana - Beloved Mother Goddess

This is Shaundra’s Galactic name given to her in ceremony from her star family.

* You will be emailed your digital download after your purchase is completed and your order is fulfilled. 

* Please note that digital products are non-refundable. 

* Good for 3 downloads. Please download on your computer not your phone in order to make sure it is successful. 

Strength: Medium
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