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Ambil Paste


This medicine is made by the Huitoto Tribe.

Ambil is a very potent and powerful medicine. It is a sacred paste made and harvested in prayer. Prepared by taking fresh leaves of Abuleo tobacco and cooking them over a wood fire 24 hours till a paste is formed and then mixed with grandmother medicine, salt and sacred ashes.

Ambil helps us to ground and realign our chakras, our emotional, mental, and physical bodies. It encourages positive, insightful communication in the physical and spiritual realms. 

Ambil is a plant ally that carries the Divine Masculine, or Father Spirit, and helps to heal the father wound and align the divine masculine within.

Also helps tremendously with grounding, focus and clarity as well as a powerful ally to work with during prayer and manifestation as Abuelo Tobacco carriers our prayers to the spirit realms. 

Uses: grain size amount rubbed on the gums during prayer and meditation. Recommended to work with Mambe & Ambil together for divine union of these powerful masculine and feminine spirits. 

* All of our medicines are charged in a scalar field for healing, and DNA repair. Please see our quantum scalar devices for more info. 

Ingredients: tobacco paste, salt, tree ashes

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