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This Chocolato Hape’ is hand made by the Kaxinawa Huni Kuin tribe in the amazon rainforest of Brazil. 

This Hape’ is of very high quality and craft. It is very rare and has a unique process unto its own, like no other Hape’.  There is no other Hape' out there like this on the market. The leaves are steeped and bathed in a chocolate mixture and left to marinate in the medicine of the Chocolate for 1 year. Then it is dried in the sun and only processed after 2 years. This Hape’ takes a very long time to make and is much like the fine craft of making wine. Allowing it time to age and absorb as much energy of the Cacao as possible. Making it a superb and refined Hape’ for all Hape’ lovers. 

Its energies are very soothing, peaceful, warming loving, and nurturing. Feeling the spirit of the Cacao and the spirit of the grandfather unify as one in the heart center and chakra. Blossoming and unfolding the petals of your heart with a warm embrace. This Hape’ is wonderful to work with energies centered in the heart chakra. Helping you to see and feel that which needs more love and nurturing attention. Releasing heaviness in the heart. There is a strong resonance of self-love with this medicine and an embrace that the medicine envelopes you in. 

Strength: Mild

Ingredients: Mapacho leaves steeped in cacao, ashes of cacao beans

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