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Kuntanawa Bamboo Beaded Aya Tepi Pipe

Kuntanawa Bamboo Beaded Aya Tepi Pipe

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These beautiful Kuntanawa Bamboo Beaded Tepi's are handcrafted by the very talented artisans in the Kuntanawa Tribe of the Brazilan Amazon.

Each one is lovingly made from bamboo, with hand-etched accents, adorned with Aya vine and embellished with their sacred kene beadwork. Making these Tepi pipes full power, Forca Amazonia!

Each pipe is unique and may vary in size color and shape.

Uses: These pipes are used in sacred ceremony for administering hape' to another person.

If you are interested in learning more about this tribal custom please watch our videos on YouTube or in the Video section on the site. 

Strength: Medium
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