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This plant powder comes from the Huitoto Tribe.

For the indigenous peoples of South America, Mambe' is a mother, a sacred plant that nourishes life and gives life. A medicine that heals the heart, mind, body, and spirit. This plant is used all over South American Andean teachings to pray with and to communicate with the spirit realms.

Uses:  This medicine can be used in a personal prayerful way to help open up the heart and throat chakras for clearly communicating and expressing what is in your heart.

Can also be used in shared social spaces, since being a companion of thought, it allows greater clarity when expressing oneself, helping you focus and bring your ideas into manifestation.

Improves: focus, communication, concentration, and sensory activity, reduces fatigue and hunger.

Application: Tbsp of powder by mouth, in cheek, mixing it in with saliva, let it dissolve. Traditionally used together with Ambil.

As always, please use this and all medicines in a prayerful, intentional way.

Contains coca and ash.

Weight : 50gr

* All of our medicines are charged in a scalar field for healing, and DNA repair. Please see our quantum scalar devices for more info. 

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