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Tanti Rao - Master Plant Tincture


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Tanti Rao - Mimosa pudica

In the Shipibo Rao means medicine and Tanti means tranquility. Tanti Rao’s leaves curl when you touch them which is representative of how it can open our own sensitivity. It is also known as the "Sensitiva" plant.

Tanti Rao’s medicine of tranquility helps us to recover a serene mind which we often lose when the energies and emotions of stress, fear, anguish, anxiety, and loss are present. This is like an energy mass of sticky tar that blocks the fire of the heart, impeding it from uniting with the breath of creation.

Many conditions and symptoms of physical and spiritual illness come down to a lack of self-love as a result of childhood trauma. Self-love is an important key to everyone’s healing journey.

I love working with this medicine when I’m on dieta. It helps to bring over such a beautiful sense of peace, calm, tranquility, and resetting the nervous system.

Benefits for the physical body: Calms the mind, Nervous system reset, Anxiety, Trauma, PTSD, Depression, & Stress

Benefits for the Energetic, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies: Promotes self-love, Heart opening, and Connection to higher self.

Ingredients:Mimosa pudica whole plant, Organic sugar cane 60%, Using spagyric alchemy process.

Use Internal only, 1 dropper full 1 - 2x a day for am meditation and before bed for dream time. In water or under your tongue

Storage:Cool, dark, dry place. Do not expose to sun, heat or refrigerate.

  • Our tincture is made using the whole plant with a spagyric process of using the mind, body, and spirit of the plant. Producing a higher potency tincture so that you can really feel the spirit and benefits of this plant.
  • Most other companies just extract the spirit. You will certainly feel the difference with our tinctures.
  • These tinctures are made by a medicine sister of mine who is super pure and goes into dieta when she makes these medicines. Her tinctures have helped me to stay deeply connected to my master tree Noya Rao.
  • Blessings for your work with this incredible teacher and healer

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