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Tamamuri - Master Plant Tincture


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Tamamuri- Brosimum acutifolium

The Shipibo use Tamamuri for gastrointestinal disorders to purify the blood and regulate the nervous system. The digestive system is not only responsible for the digestion of food but has an intricate connection with our emotional processing. As a result, the gut can carry heavy energies and emotional trauma from ‘undigested’ past experiences. This plant is great for anyone who has trouble connecting to, expressing or processing their emotions. Tamamuri is particularly good at relieving deep-rooted fearsand teaches a more mature approach to one’s emotional life.

It is also a powerful plant for purification and detoxification of both the physical and energy bodies. It helps to release trauma and emotional energy trapped in the energy body.

Benefits for the physical body: Anti-arthritic, Anti-inflammatory,Pain reliever, Anti- rheumatism, Gastrointestinal disorders, Digestive issues, Gastric ulcers, Intestinal parasites, Kills fungi/yeast and bacteria, Allergies, Heals food intolerances such as gluten and lactose, Blood Purifier, Prevents ulcers,Tonic, Increases libido, helps uterus & ovaries Prevents ovarian cancer, Heals Internal wounds, Cleanses Stomach, Cleanses Colon, Weak Energy, Syphilis, Expels worms, Kills cancer & leukemia cells, Headaches, Memory, Regulates nervous system

Benefits for the Energetic, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies: Release trapped emotions, traumas and fear, Promotes emotional maturity, Connection to the earth and the universe, Third eye-opening,


Ingredients:Brosimum acutifolium bark, Organic sugar cane 60%, Using spagyric alchemy process.

Use Internal only, 1 dropper full 1 - 2x a day for am meditation and before bed for dream time. In water or under your tongue

Storage:Cool, dark, dry place. Do not expose to sun, heat or refrigerate.

  • Our tincture is made using the whole plant with a spagyric process of using the mind, body, and spirit of the plant. Producing a higher potency tincture so that you can really feel the spirit and benefits of this plant.
  • Most other companies just extract the spirit. You will certainly feel the difference with our tinctures.
  • These tinctures are made by a medicine sister of mine who is super pure and goes into dieta when she makes these medicines. Her tinctures have helped me to stay deeply connected to my master tree Noya Rao.
🙏💕 Blessings for your work with this incredible teacher and healer

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