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Shamanic Quartz Rattles

Feather Colors
Multicolored 1
Multicolored 2
Multicolored 3

These stunning Shamanic Quartz Rattles are not only gorgeous but they also sound amazing and get a really good frequency going and are super powerful! 

I personally prefer these rattles over any others i personally have and i have a lot! 

Handmade by a local artisan in the sacred valley of Peru. 

Measures vary but generally are : 6.5 inches by 2.5 inches.

Made and decorated with :

Natural leather hide for the rattle part and very small seeds inside that give it that special frequency when working with it. 

Bright vibrant naturally fallen Macaw Feathers from the Peruvian Amazon. 

White fur that is sustainably harvested.

A large piece of clear quartz to keep the frequency of your songs and healing work high vibration!

Decorated with natural brown hide string and a large piece of Peruvian turquoise.

*Due to the natural nature of this item there may be slight discolorations and markings as it is natural hide. 

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