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Native American Flutes

Native American Flutes

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These stunning Native American Flutes are handmade out of Peruvian walnut wood.

There are 5 holes.

Key: A tuned to 440hz


L: 18.5”

Circumference: 4”

Circumference @ totem piece:  5.5”

Decorated with:

Chakana Symbol = 

The first quarter of the cross represents energetic tiers or worlds:

  • The lower world (Uqhu Pacha) represented the underworld and death
  • The middle world (Kay Pacha) represented the world of human life
  • The upper world (Hanan Pacha) included the stars, celestial beings and gods

The second quarter represents their revered animals, corresponding to these worlds:

  • the snake, living underground, represented the lower world
  • the puma, a powerful land animal represented the middle world
  • the condor represented the upper world in the sky

The third quarter symbolizes 3 commandments of the Incas:

  • don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t be lazy

The fourth – is the human principles:

  • love, well-doing, knowledge, and work  

Senkapa Wrap Bracelets = These are traditional Andean bead works that depict symbology to the Andean culture. The beads represent the stars, the spiritual journey, and many unique elements and prayers. They are traditionally the first weaving work that a young girl learns. Handwoven in the high Andean community of Upis using all locally sourced alpaca, wool, and natural dyes.

Also decorated with colorful string.

Comes with a free Peruvian fabric flute bag.

Strength: Medium
Bead Wrap Color and Bag Color
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