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Camalonga - Master Plant Tincture


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Camalonga - Thevetia Peruviana

Camalonga is mainly used for protection. It will shield energy coming off of people during ceremonies, energy work or gatherings. It repels negativity, black magic, and jealousy. It will shield you from energies when you are in any ceremony, or just want protectionin your daily life. As you sleep, camalonga straightens your energy and provides healing. It also facilitates lucid dreaming, and in your dream space you can connect with powerful, guiding spirits. Traditionally, these seeds have been used to aid in digestion and promote gastrointestinal well-being. Helps in reducing stress and anxiety, contributing to overall mental well-being. Camalonga acts directly on the nervous system as a detoxifier and tranquilizer. It is a powerful protective plantespecially useful for cleansing in cases of toxic spiritual energies related to witchcraft, occultism, black magic, negative infestations caused by drug use, black rituals, inappropriate sexual relationships, very strong spiritual transgressions, and sometimes involve negative inheritances from ancestors or harmful trans-generational burdens.

Benefits for the physical body: Aids digestion, and gastrointestinal issues, relieves stress and anxiety, overall mental well-being, calms the nervous system

Benefits for the Energetic, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies: Powerful protective spiritual and energetic shield, repels negativity, black magic, and jealousy, straightens energy, lucid dreaming, removes energy of drug use, inappropriate sexual energies, and spiritual transgressions, generational patterns, and curses.

Ingredients:Thevetia peruviana seeds, Organic sugar cane 60%, Using spagyric alchemy process.

Use Internal only, 1 dropper full 1 - 2x a day for am meditation and before bed for dream time. In water or under your tongue

Storage:Cool, dark, dry place. Do not expose to sun, heat or refrigerate.

  • Our tincture is made using the whole plant with a spagyric process of using the mind, body, and spirit of the plant. Producing a higher potency tincture so that you can really feel the spirit and benefits of this plant.
  • Most other companies just extract the spirit. You will certainly feel the difference with our tinctures.
  • These tinctures are made by a medicine sister of mine who is super pure and goes into dieta when she makes these medicines. Her tinctures have helped me to stay deeply connected to my master tree Noya Rao.
🙏💕 Blessings for your work with this incredible teacher and healer

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