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Ayahuasca Vine - Master Plant Tincture

Ayahuasca Vine - Master Plant Tincture

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Ayahuasca Vine - Banisteriopsis Cappi

This is the pure vine only and contains no admixtures that contain DMT, so it is 100% Legal.

The Mother Vine is a powerful plant teacher and ally that can help open up intuitive abilities, improve neurological health by repairing brain cells, and support one to better navigate the challenges of life.  This tincture is an excellent way to connect directly with the Mother and mother nature in a simple, clear, pure way. Great support for depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, and negative thinking.

This tincture is a great way to prepare for a full ceremony in the months or weeks leading up to a ceremony and can deepen your relationship with the grandmother vine. When the ceremony comes, it will be easier to connect and get more out of the experience.

Banisteriopsis caapi (also known as Ayahuasca) is a vine that has had a long history of entheogenic use (over 1000 years) and has been regarded as a “plant teacher”. Traditionally, Banisteriopsis caapi has been used medicinally among the indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest. The name Ayahuasca literally means "vine of the soul". Taken on its own, the Ayahuasca vine is calming and relieving.  It will slowly increase serotonin levels over time fostering a sense a well well-being.  Microdosed ayahuasca vine offers many of the same effects as the Ayahuasca ceremony, only over a much longer time-span. Rather than taking part in a 4-6 hour ceremony, you can try four weeks on, one week off schedule.  

Benefits for the Physical Body : Repairs brain cells, alleviates depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, improves memory, helps with trauma, repressed emotions held in the body

Benefits for the Energetic, Emotional, & Spiritual Bodies: Heightened Intuition, creativity, and focus, a deeper connection to source and nature, deeper meditative states, positive thinking and mental wellness, serenity & healing, connecting to divine feminine energy, navigating challenges easier.

Storage: Cool, dark, dry place. Do not expose to sun, heat or refrigerate.

  • Please use with intention, reverence and prayer.
  • Our tincture is made using the whole plant with a spagyric process of using the mind, body, and spirit of the plant. Producing a higher potency tincture so that you can really feel the spirit and benefits of this plant.
  • Most other companies just extract the spirit. You will certainly feel the difference with our tinctures.
  • These tinctures are made by a medicine sister of mine who is super pure and goes into dieta when she makes these medicines. Her tinctures have helped me to stay deeply connected to my master tree Noya Rao.
  • Blessings for your work with this incredible teacher and healer
  • 20ml in a 30ml bottle.


*Because Caapi is a Reversible Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor, it can react poorly with other medications you may be taking.*

Caapi acts as a natural monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) and therefore should not be used in combination with other anti-depressants (including other MAOIs and SSRIs), tricyclics, MDMA, opioid painkillers, dextromethorphan, anxiolytics (anti-anxiety drugs), blood pressure reducers, medication for ADHD, epinephrine, cold medicines, and other substances that can lead to side effects when taken with an MAOI like Caapi. 


*This is the pure vine only and contains no admixtures that contain DMT, so it is 100% Legal.  It is not recommended to take large doses of this in order to facilitate a psychedelic experience. That will not happen. Large amounts of this vine can lead to very uncomfortable feelings which include nausea and intense purging.*

Contraindications: Some people are much more sensitive to the beta carbolines in micro-dosing pure vine only. If, after micro-dosing, you begin to feel anxiety, take a look at the foods you are eating, and avoid foods that contain Tyramine such as fermented foods, red wine, etc.

Drug Interactions: Tryptamine-containing plants mixed with Caapi may cause hallucinations.

Legal Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan, product, and course of action or medical treatment. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated any of the statements or contents of this website. The information contained herein is NOT intended, nor should it be used to diagnose, treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition. This product is a raw botanical specimen/scientific sample and is NOT sold for human consumption. It is only being sold for research, education and/or propagation purposes only. If you purchase this item, you agree to not ingest it and accept all legal responsibility.

Strength: Medium
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Internal only, 1 dropper full 1 - 2x a day for am meditation and before bed for dream time. In water or under your tongue.
Banisteriopsis cappi vine, Organic sugar cane 60%, Using spagyric alchemy process.
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