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Ajo Sacha - Master Plant Tincture


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Ajo Sacha - Mansoa alliacea

Ajo translates to “garlic” while “Sacha” translates to “wild”. Although Ajo Sacha is not considered a master plant, this shrub still has myriad of potent gifts.

It is revered by indigenous elders tribes in the Peruvian Amazon for it’s ability to chase away evil spirits with the ability to banish negative energies from the mind body and spirit. Cleanses the physical and energetic body of illness and soul loss.

Ajo Sacha can be prescribed prior to a retreat with Ayahuasca to help the body receive the mother vine with more ease. Helping to distribute energy throughout the physical body in order for it to withstand and not become overwhelmed with the workload of higher energetic frequencies of other plants like Ayahuasca.

Dreams will become more vivid and deep, with higher lucidity. Leaving you feeling more confident and powerful in your day-to-day life.

Ajo Sacha activates our sexual energy, kundalini and vital functions, developing a deeper connection with ourselves, without fear, without limits. Its strengthens and revitalizes our life force, helping us to develop the resilience to overcome our challenges. It helps to summon the energy of the warrior, teaching us to walk our path with righteousness, love and truth.

Ajo Sacha burns everything that does not belong to us, helping to eliminate “Panema” the heavy negative energies that tend to weigh us down and make it difficult for us to move forward in life. Recommended during periods of intense changes in one's life.


Benefits for the Physical Body: Fevers, colds, cough, and headaches, Reduce pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, and Rheumatism, Antioxidant, Anti-fungal, Anti-Parasitic, Antiviral, Antibacterial, Candida, Blood Purifier, Muscle spasms, helps treat epilepsy, Aids in digestion, Astringent, Tonic, Depurative, Laxative, increases personal strength,

Benefits for the Energetic, and Spiritual Bodies: Mood enhancer, Lucid dreaming, Cleanses negative energies, Strengthens the body and will, drives away evil spirits, brings good luck, Repairs soul loss

Ingredients: Manosa alliacea roots, Organic sugar cane alcohol 60%, Using spagyric process.

Use: Internal only, 1 dropper full 1 - 2x a day for am meditation and before bed for dream time. In water or under your tongue

Storage:Cool, dark, dry place. Do not expose to sun, heat or refrigerate.

  • Our tincture is made using the whole plant with a spagyric process of using the mind, body, and spirit of the plant. Producing a higher potency tincture so that you can really feel the spirit and benefits of this plant.
  • Most other companies just extract the spirit. You will certainly feel the difference with our tinctures.
  • These tinctures are made by a medicine sister of mine who is super pure and goes into dieta when she makes these medicines. Her tinctures have helped me to stay deeply connected to my master tree Noya Rao.
🙏💕Blessings for your work with this incredible teacher and healer

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