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Limited Edition 24K Golden Grail - New Earth Transmission - Aether Elemental Guardian

Limited Edition 24K Golden Grail - New Earth Transmission - Aether Elemental Guardian

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Size: 7''

Note : B - Crown Chakra

Activation Code: New Earth Transmission

Each Limited Edition Grail comes with

  • A customized Grail bag with the Auraura Quartz logo
  • Free customized Grail cloth
  • A print of your grails artwork and description from the artist Izzy Ivy
  • Free Shipping within the US only
  • Free Mallet

*Ships from the US

* Images taken in a lightbox. Lights reflect upon the grail.

* All art created, copyrighted, and owned by Izzy Ivy, Tribu Spirit and Auraura Quartz

New Earth Transmission

Transmission: Graceful transition in the pursuit of truth

Element: Aether

This piece relates to the element of spirit, the life-force energy in every living thing, it is the spark of existence. It is the light that emanates through our souls when we feel connected to the Divine.

It also relates to the shift in paradigm and is a transmission for the ease and grace of the transition. The vibration is shifting on the planet as we evolve into a new epoch. We are familiar with the cycles of the moon. There are also cycles on the planet too and it ripples throughout the consciousness of all the beings that reside upon her. The frequency of this image allows us to access our wings as we simultaneously fly through the eye of the storm whilst feeling our Divine nature and raised vibration to be able to move through the big picture perspective. As we maintain strength and heart space in the quest for alignment with truth.

Strength: Medium
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