Tracy Arsenault - Arizona, USA
Product : Hape'


"Hape, plant medicine has changed my life in the most beautiful way. It has helped me with my connection to spirit and with my nervous system.

As, I detox off of big pharmaceutical drugs for postpartum depression. It has helped me find my voice and activate my throat chakra. This plant medicine has been amazing!

As the beautiful owner has been also. Never have I received such great customer service, on a personal level. She truly cares about the product and the soul behind it. She cares greatly for the person purchasing her product and it shows through her quick communication and guidance.

I recommend this company and brand to anyone looking to heal. Thank you 🙏🏼 "

Yoshio Kakinji - Japan
Product : Limited Edition Hape'

" Tribu Spirit Hape' quality is much better than other Hape’ brands I’ve tried.

I am able to connect straight to original source of self and deepen meditations. I love Tribu Spirits Hape’.

Thank you and much respect for this ancient wisdom and medicine.

Yoshio Kakinji"

Kelly Schijvens - Netherlands
Product : Beautiful Dreamer Hape'

“ I choose to buy from Tribu Spirit because of the energy and the feeling I have with your plant medicines and you as a person. The intent in which the products are made/cared for are deeply felt. So I feel safe to use your plant medicines. I feel very supported energetically using your Hape’. Thank you for everything you do and keep up the good work. “

“Thank you for your amazing work, your products are so pure in energy and intent.”

Claire Belmont, England, UK

Product: Hape'

"The Hape has been a revelation and transformative medicine. I have been using Sananga and Kaxinawa for a few months, and my life has transformed and blossomed, with a deeper understanding, respect and connection to these wonderful plants and medicine people. Sananga centered and grounded me to give me the inner peace and connection I needed to read the Eulogy at my mums funeral. It has completely supported my emotional and mental health through deep meditation and holistic healing. We are blessed to have access to these powerful medicines, I have maintained a healthy grounded reaction to trauma and the Hape' has been an integral part of my healing process without pharmaceutical input! I have also cured headaches, sniffles and stomach bugs through the cleansing properties of the hape'. Thank you Tribu Spirit xx "


Dan Williamson, Australia

Product: Hape'

"Hi there beautiful people. I just wanted to thank you deeply for your work and vision. I recently received an order of some of your Hapè from you and am very surprised and delighted at the quality. I have been using Hapè for about a year now and used to get it from another supplier. What I have received from you is so much deeper, clearer, smother and way more profound. Thank you. I feel your integrity and care for the tribes of the jungle and their spirit strong in the medicine. Much blessings and love for your future. "


Kira Goldy, Bristol, England, UK

Shamanic Body work and Readings at: http://www.thelighthousewebworld.com

Co Organiser of Heart and Mind Festivals in the UK: http://heartandmindfest.com

Product: Hape'

"What a beautiful and helpful teacher the Hape' I have been working with has been. When i was working with the Kaxinawa Warrior Heart, it was at a time when i needed to cultivate strong boundaries in a challenging situation, and the Hape' helped to strengthen me without hardening me. Allowing me to remain soft and open but stronger than before at the same time.

Ive been working with the Sananga Hape' for the past few weeks and it has been most helpful. Several times i have been certain on a course of action, and then got the nudge from the spirit of Hape' to have a conversation first. Then the guidance that came was something i hadn't seen before, a course of action i was blind to, it showed me always a more loving unifying and open way.

Thank you for your excellent service in picking the highest and best medicines for us, thank you so much. And if it doesn't appear the day after i ordered it, it has always been down to the postal service being slower, never you guys! Thank you so much."


Smokey Benjamin Love, London, England, UK

Product: Sananga

" Sananga is a very powerful and beautiful Plant Spirit/Medicine. In the beginning of my work with this plant I was healing from a life time of addiction. Whenever cravings or depression were too intense. Sananga would cleanse and burn away the heavy stuck energy, helping to find my centre and release the anxiety. Helping me to see clearer both internally and externally. As my journey progressed the healing got deeper and i started to release deep trauma's from my body and energy field. This medicine is an incredible teacher! Showing us about resistance within the self. If i ever feel a bit lazy or lethargic Sananga is perfect. Refreshing my body, energy and perspective. My vision has improved to absolute crystal clarity and am able to see and sense the energies of mother nature and the spirits. Sananga continues to be one of my main allies and my journey with this beautiful plant spirit continues!"


Koze Kozma, Healer, England, UK

Product: Agua de Florida Calma and Claro

" I work as a healer for over ten years. I have used the Agua Florida from Tribu Spirit on my patients. They love it! It helps them relax during healing treatments. Ive seen great results using this healing water, Agua Florida. It has lifted people out of fainting and low energy. I highly recommend it to everyone sick or healthy. "


Noel Vasquez Brandt, Portland, Oregon USA

Product: Sananga

" I just got back from a trip in January from Peru. . Really connected to the Jungle, understood this is where we all came from and no wonder why we are all having such a hard time. We never had the chance to be shaped by her (Jungle)."

" I've been using the Kaxinawa Sananga Fuerte several times, no extreme effects, all seems well. Although, last night while sleeping I had a vivid vision of what I thought was a man from the jungle, in my vision I was in my backyard and was looking at me then slowly turned away. The message that first came to me was "wake up" not literally but in my life. I can still see him and am trying to feel what it meant. I looked up on the internet and he definitely looked like a person from the tribe that makes the Sananga. Is this possible? Would they come thru in my sleep?" Thank you, Noel


Jayne Flintoff, West Yorkshire, England, UK

Product: Sananga Hape' 

“As soon as I received the Sananga Hape’ I felt the energy of it in the pot. I took some and immediately I felt a warm energy flow into my crown and then around my sinus area clearing that out. It then flowed into my chest / heart area and a beautiful warm feeling was there this grounded and connected me into the present moment. It then went down my body into the legs. I felt the energy of the shaman with me, a powerful masculine energy with a sense of safety and strength. I had felt out of balance the last few days and the rape’ brought me back into balance. It has stayed with me the whole day and I feel more connected. I recommend trying this beautiful medicine. It is very healing and is beautiful. Love it! “


Jim B, London, England, UK

Product: Hape’- Kaxinawa Warrior Heart and Nukini Clarity

"Im an ex crack & heroin addict who is now over 8 years clean. From far back as I can remember I suffered with fear and anxiety since getting clean. I have managed to get some handle on the fear but the anxiety comes and goes and at times consumes me. I was directed towards hape’ as a way to ground myself and after months of saying no, due to my addiction status and with some contempt I gave it a go. Well, what can I say, although the discomfort of having a powder blown up my nose (not that I minded it in the past, lol) I was amazed by the results. Instantly I felt calm and grounded. I was able to look at the fear and anxiety and get myself into a state of mind to carry on with the day ahead. Now when facing situations where the anxiety takes over and I need a hand to get into a meditative state. Instantly I take the rape’ and bang, I’m focused! I highly recommend this to people who have anxiety and find grounding themselves hard when in a time shortage or stressful situations."


Joe D, Belgium

Product: Sananga

"I first came to Tribu Spirit to discover this medicine, Sananga. Secondly to improve some chronic health problems. The knees in my case, due to an inflammation that was becoming chronic. Third to grow in the spiritual context. The benefits on the situation in my knees has improved already after the first application. The benefits on the eyesight of my girlfriend has improved after 3 applications. There is generally an increased growth in spirituality and acceptance."

"After the first application the situation in my knees improved. Now, after a bit more than a month of daily usage the situation is almost completely resolved! The eyesight of my girlfriend has improved, she can now work on the computer without having a headache after a few hours and generally she says she sees more colours and more sensitivity to colours in the day-to-day life."


Jonathan Hadas Edwards, Herbalist, Brooklyn, NY, USA

MSOM, Founder of Axis Mundi Healing Arts, http://axismundihealingarts.com/   

Brooklyn Acupuncture Project http://www.brooklynacupunctureproject.com/#our-story

Product: Sananga

Sananga & Wild Sight

"Think of the state you typically find yourself in at the end of a long day of staring at the computer screen: posture hunched, head thrust forward, shoulders tight, legs restless—you probably know the scenario all too well. And while we can stretch our legs, get a shoulder rub, and work the kinks out of our necks, some parts of our bodies aren’t so easy to shift out of their habitual states. I’m thinking of the eyes—and the brain.

In our text and media-saturated culture, our eyes are almost always on. Visual cues are everywhere; night is almost the only time we relax our visual apparatus, unless you’re one of the few who regularly makes time to listen to music (I mean really listen, without doing anything else).

It’s not just about eye strain. More concerning is the state of mind (and corresponding state of the central nervous system) that accompanies our habitual sharp focus. Constantly focusing on the trees to the exclusion of the forest, we tend towards myopia, in the figurative sense of “lack of imagination or intellectual insight.” We’re looking so hard all the time that we forget to open our eyes and see.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a magic eye drop to snap us out of screen-and-text mode and back into big-picture vision, into sight as sensory experience? Something to help us to see the forest, with its play of light and color and shape, and not just the trees? Sananga is that something.

Sananga comes to us by way of the Amazon. A liquid extracted from the root of an herbaceous plant in the Apocynaceae family, Sananga burns intensely when applied to the eyes—like many rainforest medicines, you feel it working, to say the least. The burn is intense for about about a minute, or until tears clear the fluid away; the pain recedes completely within 3 or 4 minutes. The pain is not something to be endured so much as embraced; it is part and parcel of the medicine, bringing one into the present moment, into the body and emotions and breath.

Subtly, under the burn, there’s an almost electric tingle, a clue that Sananga is working on the nervous system. (Another clue: Sananga is a distant cousin of the Central African plant Iboga, known for its potent neurological and psychoactive effects.)

What I’ve found over a month of working with Sananga is that, though the initial sensation is intense, the lingering effects are subtle. There’s a sense of the visual field being washed clean (as the tear ducts certainly are), and of the eyes being wide open. The feeling is of peaceful, sober clarity. There’s a renewal and brightening of vision, which goes hand in hand with moderate light sensitivity for the first few minutes. There’s a softening, too: it becomes natural to take in more of the visual field. This may be part of the reason Sananga is traditionally used by the Yawanawa, Huni Kuin, and other Amazonian peoples before hunting— with soft focus it’s easier to detect movement throughout the visual field.

On the subtlest level of all, Sananga is reputed to help open up the third eye or inner vision. This sounds cool, but what does it mean? As far as I’m concerned, it’s not about x-ray vision or even visionary states so much as lucidity in day-to-day life. Are we walking through our waking dream with eyes wide open? Are we aware enough to notice what’s happening in and around us? Simply put, Sananga brings us back to ourselves and helps us to see. "