Connect with Grandfather Huachuma, Kambo, Heart Medicine,
Hopi Water Ceremony and much more in the powerful vortexes and sacred lands of
Sedona, Arizona
April 19th - 23rd, 2024

The Creator within…..
Nestled in the heart of Sedona, within the sacred walls of Oak Creek Canyon. You will have a chance to meet your Creator.

Led by Shaundra Hyre, Medicine Woman of TRIBU Church and Founder of Tribu Spirit, with 13 years experience and Ima a transformational plant medicine healer and coach with 10 years experience.

This 5 day pilgrimage features 1 deep and transformative Huachuma ceremony, 1 expansive Heart Medicine Ceremony, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Water Ceremony with Hopi Water Protector, Offerings to the Elements, Hiking in the Vortex’s of Sedona, Integration Circle and much more.

If you’re heart is calling for a deep immersion with plant medicines in some of the most powerful sacred lands in the US. This retreat is for you.

Come, meet the creator within.