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September 20, 2023

Mapacho-based hapé, a mood-lifting and alerting Brazilian herbal snuff, is made by pulverizing and combining medicinal botanicals. Rapé is a powdered herbal snuff produced from tobacco and many other plants.  Because the nose takes hapé, its effects are immediate and profound. 

We now know that breathing powdered plant medications through the nose was used for millennia before Europeans arrived in South And Central America, and it was discovered while researching indigenous peoples. Herbal snuff was introduced to Europe by the doctor and botanist Francisco Hernández de Boncalo.

Herbal snuff was introduced to Europe by the doctor Francisco Hernández de Boncalo. During the seventeenth century, shortly after, snuffing became popular among the European aristocracy.

Indigenous Hapé Use

Today, indigenous people in the Amazon area use hapé in a variety of contexts, ranging from formal ceremonial uses in ayahuasca ceremonies, initiations, adolescence, cashiri drinking celebrations, social activities, and health care to just engage with Nature and the medicinal power of holy plant medicine.

The hapé of the Katukina, Yawanawa, Kaxinawa, Nukini, Kuntanawa, Apurinã, Ashaninka, and Matses tribes are often produced in unique blends and prepared in unique manners, including techniques and songs used during ceremonial snuff preparation.

From a shamanic perspective, hapé is a sacred snuff medicine with deep healing properties. Hapé is made up of many medicinal herbs that are used to generate visions, enhance vitality, and increase sensory awareness through the fragrant scent of the flora employed. There are many different hapé recipes out there, and since there are so many different hapé recipes, tribes generally keep them as secrets.

The sharing of hapé is a ceremonial activity among Amazonian tribes that requires repeating certain chants to activate the hapé's healing abilities and confer them on the recipient.

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What Happens

Rapé is absorbed into the mucosal membranes and promptly enters the bloodstream after entering the nasal passages. By binding to nicotine receptors, it promotes the creation of dopamine, acetylcholine, and adrenaline. This creates a sense of peace and relaxation. Many people have watery eyes as a result of their nose's sensitivity and the fact that Rapé is a purgativein various forms for many.

Crying, excessive salivation, sneezing, vomiting, or the desire to urinate are all possible symptoms. This is a typical occurrence and a natural part of the process, as one of Rapé's goals is to purify and cleanse the mind and body. The following are the therapeutic benefits of this procedure.

Medicinal and Spiritual Benefits

Rapé comes in a variety of varieties since shamans manufacture their powder from a variety of herbs. Here are some of its psychological and physiological impacts. When you take Rapé, you will notice mental and spiritual changes. 

The mind becomes calm and attentive

Individuals feel more grounded and are able to clear up any confusions or worries they may have had about a problem. If you focus on your goal, you may uncover what you seek, whether it is a state of awareness or an answer to a question. Your body gets cleansed of everything that needs to be released.

Physical Effects

While many individuals think that Rapé’s purgative and expectorant properties are not an ideal situation, these properties are what make it beneficial for their immune system. By forcing the body to expel toxins, mucus, and other undesirable substances, Rapé purifies the system.

This strengthens your immunity and helps clear up congestion issues in addition to this. Furthermore, the body may eliminate physical stresses, resulting in a calm, peaceful state.

Benefits of Hapé

  • Opens the third eye and decalcifies the pineal gland, which hardens and calcifies naturally with age.
  • The sinuses and respiratory system are cleansed and purified. It may aid in the healing of sinus problems and the reduction of mucous.
  • Helps the bowels move and supports the digestive system.
  • Connecting with the plant's energy gives protection by providing strength, clarity, and concentration.
  • Grounds you
  • Removes negativity and calms the psyche
  • Helps you to meditate and quiet the mind
  • and much more!

Each type of hapé is produced from a different plant and is infused with different prayers, giving them distinct characteristics. We have a broad assortment of hapés in our shop for a variety of applications.

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How to Use Hapé

One or both sides of the hapé are blown into the nostrils using a Kuripe, a special pipe for self-administration, or a Tepi, a pipe for giving to or receiving from another person.

See our selection Hapé pipes here

How much Hapé should I use?

It is vital to understand what Hape' is and how to utilize it appropriately. Although Hape' is a potent medication in its own right, the one delivering it must understand it, especially for self administration. It is critical to begin with a tiny amount to become acquainted with the medicine's energy. 

For the initial dosage, split a pea-sized mound into two nostrils. However, in certain cultures, blowing a ping-pong size into each nostril 4 times before letting their breath out is performed to overwhelm the senses and induce surrender to the forces of the Hape’. This is certainly not recommended. 

This is an extremely powerful procedure that might result in vomiting, fainting, and even visions. To discover the proper dosage, listen to yourself and your inner guidance..

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