What Is Agua De Florida Used For?

What Is Agua De Florida Used For?

Historically, cultures have used flowers to heal, beautify, and make us feel good. The ancient tradition of fragrant floral waters, is still practiced today. 

These natural perfumes are now more popularly known as "flower waters" or, in some Latin American countries, as "Agua de Florida." Agua De Florida directly translates as “Florida Water.” It is a flower water medicine widely used by shamans all over South America for purification, cleansing, healing, and protection. Florida Water is a toilette water that blends an array of floral essential oils in a water-alcohol base.

Besides its exquisite scent, Agua de Florida has many benefits. 

The Origins of Agua de Florida

cape jasmine flower

Agua de Florida is a popular South American fragrance and health/beauty product. This fragrant water is made by mixing different flowers and plants. 

Floral water has been used for centuries and is popular worldwide, not only because of its delightful fragrance but also because of its many uses attributed to it. It has cleansing and protective properties to attract healing spirits. Shamans often place perfumes and colognes on the bodies of patients, as crosses on their forehead, chest and back, while whistling a special song or Icaro of protection to seal, close, and protect the body. Florida Water is used by Shamans all over the world in their healing ceremonies.

The Benefits of Agua de Florida

Agua de Florda has assumed a central role in shamanism of the Peruvian Amazon for its multitude of benefits and purposes including:

  • As an offering of a gift to call the spirits
  • Cleansing and purification of negative influences in people, spaces and places.
  • Applied during healing ceremonies, rituals and baths
  • The fragrance of the water is inhaled deeply to induce grounding, connection and healing.
  • Used in spells to remove unwanted thought forms and heavy vibrations
  • To encourage the display of emotions, to suppress those who talk too much and to calm places where an excess of energy is present
  • Used like holy water for cleansing, good luck and protection.
  • Good to calm colicky babies

Agua de Florida Recipe

Linum grandiflorum

To make Agua de Florida, you first need to find the flowers you want to use. 

You can use roses, tulips, gardenias, jasmine, or any other fragrant flower. Once you have the flowers, you need a large jar or bowl. Make sure that the jar or bowl you choose is not made of anything porous, like ceramic or wood, because the flowers will stain them. 

Once you have your flowers and container, you can begin making the Agua de Florida. Start by arranging the flowers in the container, and make sure they’re not crowded. Then, cover the flowers with water. 

If needed, you can add more water as the flowers absorb the water. Let the flowers sit for about three days, then strain and bottle the water. Later adding any essential oils and blends.

Where to Buy Agua de Florida?

If you’d like to buy Agua de Florida, you can purchase it online from Tribu Spirit. We make ours with the highest quality ingredient’s of organic essential oils, flowers and plants We offer a couple of different blends that come in varying sizes. You can also find it at many Latin American grocery stores. 

If you’re looking for the real thing, make sure the product you’re buying does not have any artificial ingredients, dye numbers or added chemical fragrances. 

Why Is Agua de Florida Good for Your Skin?

Fragrant waters, such as Agua de Florida, are beneficial for the skin because they contain essential vitamins and minerals, all of which can benefit your skin. They can also be administered as a toner after cleansing the skin to help eliminate extra oils and toxins.

Who uses Agua de Florida?

Anyone can use Agua de Florida. This natural product can be used for many different things, which have been listed above. 

Fragrant waters are popular in Latin and South American countries like Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, and Mexico. They can be used in many ways and are especially popular during holidays. If you live in a Latin American country, you can find fragrant water in every store during Christmas time.

The Versatility of Agua De Florida (Florida Water)

The main benefit of Florida water is that it is an excellent ingredient in a wide range of products, making it an incredibly useful addition to any commercial business. 

Additionally, it is also very affordable and can be used for many different purposes for the mind, body, spirit and  the home. 


Why does Agua de Florida smell so good?

Quite simply, it is essentially flower water, and flowers smell amazing. The essential oils in the blossoms used to make Agua de Florida give it its distinctive aroma. 

Is Agua de Florida pricey?

You might expect Agua de Florida to be expensive since it is made from the most fragrant, potent flowers. However, it can usually be found at a very reasonable price, especially when you consider its multitude of used and benefits. 

Can Agua de Florida keep you hydrated?

Agua de Florida is not a source of drinkable water. It is a fragrant water using flowers and herbs. It is not recommended to drink Agua de Florida.

Can Agua de Florida be used as a room freshener?

Yes, Agua de Florida can also be used as a room freshener. Just mix one part Agua de Florida with ten parts water. Put it in a spray bottle, and use it to freshen up your room and linens.

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