Hapé Medicine Side Effects

Hapé Medicine Side Effects

If you're reading this article, chances are the sacred plant medicine Hapé has sparked your interest. Maybe you heard about it from a friend or on a podcast but didn't know where to start researching. Look no further! We are here to provide you with plenty of information about hapé. 

In this article, we will share the benefits and possible side effects of using hapé, so you can feel prepared when making your decision to try out this sacred plant. 

What is Hapé?

Tobacco is often associated with cigarette advertisements, lung cancer, and addiction. Many individuals misuse tobacco in our modern world; however, tobacco is regarded as a sacred plant in many indigenous cultures. Many Peruvian Shamans consider tobacco a master plant teacher and use it in traditional ceremonies as a potent healer and purifying ally.

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Hapé (pronounced "ha-peh") is a kind of tobacco you may not have seen before. It is a potent shamanic snuff that has been finely ground into a powder and contains Nicotiana Rustica, commonly known as mapacho. It is not the same as the tobacco found in cigarettes, Nicotiana Tabacum.

In addition to tobacco, hapé usually includes the ashes of other plants and trees. Typically, shamans keep the exact ingredients of their blend a secret.

Hapé is made by indigenous tribes of South America, primarily found in Brazil and Peru. Several tribes traditionally use and make hapé - including but not limited to the Kaxinawa, Katukina, Yawanawa, Kuntanawa, Nukini, and Apurinã - Each tribe often produces their specific blend and will uniquely prepare their blend, using various techniques and songs. 

Hapé is becoming more popular outside of the Amazon because of its bountiful medicinal properties. You can administer yourself hapé, but it's crucial first to learn how it's meant to be used and then get clear on your desired intention and setting.

If you want to try it, it's essential to get the sacred tobacco from a trusted source. 

What Does Hapé Feel Like?

Hapé is a great way to get into the present moment. You can get out of your head, into your heart, and return home to your soul with just one blow.

Hapé usually has a soothing, grounding effect. Some typical positive effects of hapé are:

  • Heart opening
  • It brings you back to the present
  • Peace for your mind and body
  • Mind Detox 
  • Remove blockages
  • Cleans your energy field
  • Provides protection
  • Improves focus
  • Provides grounding energy

How Is Hapé Administered?

In traditional ceremonies, hapé is made by a shaman who usually uses a two-way pipe (Tepi) to offer it to the participants. The shaman puts the thin pipe in one nostril and blows the hapé up the nose. Then he puts the pipe in the other nostril and repeats the process.

You can administer Hapé to yourself with a small pipe called a Kuripe that is triangular shaped and fits in your nostril and mouth. If you've never used hapé before, start with a small amount and add more as needed. An excellent place to start is with a pea-sized amount for each nostril.

Hapé should be used with extra care, intention, and respect. It should not be consumed or misused as an addictive substance. When you sit with hapé, your surroundings should be sacred, calm, and tranquil. You can spend time with this plant beside an altar, in a meditation room, or a peaceful place in nature. We also recommend listening to lovely ceremonial or meditation music that relaxes you as you sit.

Before Using Hapé, Set an Intention

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Before using hapé, it is best to form a clear intention about what you wish to receive and experience during your meditation with hapé. 

Take a few moments to focus on your breath, be still, come into your heart and ask yourself, “what is my intention?” 

Once you form your intention, you may want to state it out loud or write it in a journal. Taking the time to be still and come from an authentic place is a great way to honor the ancient, sacred medicine of hapé.

What Happens When Hapé Enters the Nose?

When hapé reaches the nose, it goes through the mucous membranes and into the bloodstream. The chemicals in hapé bind to nicotine receptors, which causes the body to start making more dopamine, acetylcholine, and adrenaline. These chemical changes can make you feel calm and relaxed yet awake and alert.

After administering hapé, it's best to close your eyes, take deep breaths, and focus on what you desire in your heart. 

Most people have watery eyes because their noses are so sensitive, so don't be surprised if you start crying!

Benefits of Using Hapé Medicine

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Using hapé medicine can have several benefits; it can:

  • Assist in treating mental illness and potentially addiction.
  • Provide a feeling of peace that, when utilized frequently, can result in an overall mood shift. As a result, it aids in the treatment of depression.
  • Revive the nasal passages and respiratory system by clearing the breathing pathway
  • Clears your chakra system (energy points) by spiritually detoxing you.
  • It helps prepare you for plant medicine ceremonies by purifying your energy field, alleviating confusion, and assisting you in uncovering your true purpose.
  • It provides an overall sense of clarity for improved thinking and concentration.

Physical Side Effects

Hapé helps to detoxify the system by encouraging the discharge of toxins, mucus, and other unwanted things. This process enhances the immune system and can significantly relieve constipation.

Hapé can help release tension in the body, resulting in a calm, relaxed state. Hapé is also beneficial for the immune system due to its laxative and purgative qualities.

Crying, increased salivation, sneezing, vomiting, or the desire to defecate are all common symptoms. This process is natural and expected because one of the goals of hapé is to cleanse and purify the body and mind. Keep this in mind when you choose the atmosphere in which you want to try hapé for the first time.

You will most likely feel revitalized after sitting with hapé. The long-term impact varies from person to person and is determined by how frequently you choose to sit with the medicine.

Many people report feeling more aligned and in tune with their inner voice and a deeper appreciation for the world around them.

Common Questions About Hapé:

Can I Take Hape’ When I am on Medication or Antidepressants? Which Do you Recommend?

Hapé is still safe to use while taking pharmaceuticals. This medicine can help greatly in supporting your journey into releasing antidepressants in your life. I honor your courage to do this, and I know you will be met with great strength and support by the medicine. Please look at the testimonials section on the website for people who have weaned themselves off pharmaceuticals. 

I recommend Shawandawa Shakti Shiva, Kaxinawa Warrior Heart, and Nukini Clarity.

Can I Use Hapé When I'm Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Yes, all our hapé blends are safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding.

How Often Can I Administer Hapé?

I encourage everyone to trust their own inner guidance. Daily is fine and, in most cases, good. Hape’ is a great way to start your day in a prayerful way with the power of intention. It is also a great way to end your day after absorbing others' energies and clearing your energy field.

If you are trying to release an addiction, use it as often as you need as long as you are coming to the medicine in a respectful, prayerful way. This makes the world of a difference. This is taking your healing into your own hands.

Does Hapé Have Any Negative Side Effects?

There are no known negative side effects of hapé.

I Have an Addictive Nature. How Can I Use Hapé Safely?

Please use the medicine in a ceremonial way. Praying to the spirit of the medicine and having an intentional practice can greatly prevent addiction.

Ask yourself why you are going to the medicine, and then ask the spirit of the medicine to help you with that intention. If you see addictive patterns showing up, find the root source and ask why. Then mindfully start using less if you find yourself becoming addicted. Remember, you can take exercise for example and make it unhealthy and imbalanced . Is the way we approach everything in life that creates the results and affects. Choose one of harmony and balance. 

To learn more about hapé, check out this informational video made by our founder: 


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