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This Palo Santo Hape’ is hand-made by a very special Paje’ in the Huni Kuin tribe in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. His expertise and art of making hape’ is very refined and special. You can certainly feel it within this hape’!

This Palo Santo Hape’ is so special, rare and unique. Like many of our Limited Edition Hape’s you will not find this medicine anywhere else. This medicine has been made especially for Tribu Spirit .

Using sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood that has been sitting upon the bed of the forest for over 5 years. Allowing the medicine to cultivate naturally. Keeping the sacred spirit of Palo Santo intact with deep reverence.


The Spirit of Palo Santo piercingly comes in. Cleansing all low vibrations out of the etheric energy bodies, and auric field. Bringing in emotional, physical and energetic vitality, and clarity. Enveloping you in its warm embrace with great strength. 

Creating such a sweet space of love and surrender. Dissolving fear, stress and anxiety we all face in these uncertain and strong times of great change, shifting and clearing.

Such a beautiful aroma of Palo Santo held within the sacred ashes of this medicine. Helping you to come fully into the present moment of the heart space. Leaving you grounded, clear, uplifted, surrendered and protected with the powerful spirit of Palo Santo.

Knowing with certainty that you are held in the arms of Love of the Divine with our Limited Edition Palo Santo Hape’.

Benefits of Palo Santo:

Grounding, centering, clearing, uplifting your mood and vibrational frequency, boost's the immune system, anti-inflammatory, helps to fight infections and viruses, increases concentration, reduces joint and muscle pain, helps with insomnia, anxiety and depression.

Strength: Strong/Medium

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